Marvin Dixon

Soul & Blues Recording Artist

After the legendary Bernie Mac saw him open up on a comedy tour, he pulled Marvin Dixon aside and said, “Man, you’re funny.” After sitting down and talking to him more, Bernie excitedly predicted the stand-up comics future. “You’re going to be just like me,” he said. As Bernie noticed, when funnyman Marvin Dixon hits the stage, let the crowd beware. This jokester’s wisecracks and punchlines will literally have you crying in laughter. Hailing from Miami, FL, his longstanding comedy career is a testament of hard work, dedication and sheer talent.

Ironically, Dixon got his stand-up start by literally being thrown onto the stage at age 19. Unbeknownst to him, a family friend signed him up for an Amateur Night at a popular Miami venue. After succeeding with his first joke and ultimately avoiding the inevitable boo off the stage, he realized he had something – he was funny. So in almost an instant, he went from slinging luggage at the airport and entertaining his coworkers to pursuing comedy full time to entertain the world.

Since then, Dixon has gone on to win every comedy competition he’s ever entered, including the Bay Area Comedy Competition which is the largest and one of the most prestigious battles in the country. His knack for finding humor in real life situations coupled with his bold style has also taken Dixon to comedy clubs and main stages across the country. Like appearing on the world famous Apollo stage, changing his routine on the fly after several other comedians were booed, and sending the crowd into a roar leaving the producers and hosts alike asking how did you do that? Describing his style as “fearless,” Dixon warns that you never know what he’s going to say. “I’mma say it if it’s funny. I’ll worry about the consequences later,” he says. Fearless is right. His no holds barred comedic jabs have become an infectious part of his routine that fans crave.

However, crafting his routines to increase his versatility has kept his schedule full and made the comedian highly sought after. He was the Morning Show Host at 99JAMZ for nearly 7 years, helping the station to maintain the number one spot in the market during his stint. He’s also had several television appearances on some of the most coveted comedic platforms like HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and BET’s Comic View. And he’s a regular headliner on the Joker’s Wild Tour and Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage. Somehow, Marvin just happens to be in the right place at the right time and goes from being the new kid on the block to headlining successful tours like the Def Comedy Jam tour for two years. He’s also had cameo appearances in several films.

When Dixon isn’t focused on tickling the funnybone of audiences himself, he’s gathering a mix of seasoned and up and coming talent to the stage with one of the longest running comedy nights in the country with 23 years in the game. But this wasn’t an easy feat. Dixon gained a following by pounding the pavement himself, handing out flyers door-to-door to local businesses. His first show started out with only seven people. He looked out to the audience and said to himself, “I’m gonna make these seven people laugh like they never laughed before.” Within three months, the crowd grew to 600 people and eventually began to see over 1500 people every Tuesday.

If asked, Dixon will confess that he absolutely loves comedy, loves the applause, loves the smiles and loves the joy he brings to people. He’s looking forward to seizing more commercial, television and film appearances. And with a record like his – never been booed, 56 consecutive standing ovations, and over 20 years of hosting a successful weekly comedy night – our bet’s on him. His talent is undeniable, his versatility is unique and his personality is infectious so you’d just better get ready to see more from Marvin Dixon.

In other words, you gon’ get this D. 

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