About Us

Sweet Success Records

Who: We are a independent label dedicated to the Next Generation (NEXGEN) musician performing without music boundaries. Defined but yet opened to new music possibilities to reach new fans around the world. Make no mistake these might be new artist to the label but by no means are they new to the performing industry.

Senior A&R:  Ms. Chandra Dewberry
Senior Talent Agent: Mr. Gene Munns

Why: To provide opportunities to a unique artist who have been grinding for years in the business but have not had the resources get their music promoted to the general population.

What: We are multi genre label looking to bring music back to the listeners to make them fans of real music again to enjoy a variation of talent on one station.

Where: Currently our artist are located all over the country in Los Angeles CA, Atlanta GA, Memphis TN, New York City, Tampa Bay FL and continuously growing.

When: Our mini compilation CD is due to be released during the second quarter of the 2019 to showcase four talented Recording Artists , Jay Lamont, Karen Wolfe , Lady Adrena, Queen AaMinah and newly signed (Could be you).

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