Laughin’ Lenny

He believes in the importance of laughter to heal the body and strengthen the mind. Laughin’ Lenny’s mainstream clean and funny approach to comedy has allowed him to stand out as one of the elite performers of today. He has appeared not only locally but, overseas for the military and around the country at different comedy venues. Lenny’s motto is “YOU AIN’T READY FOR ME YET” – NO SIR and once you have seen him you will understand why he is one of the funniest comedians in the market today. Lenny is now taking dates to perform in comedy clubs, theaters, private events or other special occasion! Laughin’ Lenny, comedian for all occasions!

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Comedian & Master Storyteller

Laughin’ Lenny was born in High Point North Carolina. As a youngster, he was fortunate enough to explore the wonders of rural North Carolina thus nurturing the seeds of his naturally humorous approach to life. After relocating to the Washington, D.C. area, Lenny used laughter to deal with the obvious culture shock. Having many activities to choose from, he joined the Hill-Crest boxing club, which enabled him to use his drive and dedication through hard work to distinguish himself from his peers. Lenny’s knockout wit was more than a match for his team mates, so he therefore decided to hang up the gloves and concentrate on his comedy. Since then Lenny has become a mentor for several youth pro gram by supporting the anti-drug programs around the country. Laughin’ Lenny began to shine brightly using good humor and genuine concern to address serious social problems.