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June 20, 2010
Jaha Zainabu
June 21, 2010
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Tyme Johnson

Tyme JohnsonAbout Tyme Johnson:

Tyme moved from Los Angeles, California in order to further pursue her music career in Manhattan, New York. Although she expected New York to be a lot easier than Los Angeles, she found the struggle of “making it” even harder. She moved into a brownstone apartment with all the luxuries on the upper west side of Manhattan. After a short period of time, she experienced a fire in her apartment which left her homeless and jobless. With all of the drama, she kept pursuing her music career by releasing her first and second CD along with writing her first book which talks about the struggle to make it in the entertainment industry, her love interests, and self-discovery.

 About her new Project:

Tyme has done it again but this time with a crossover song that will reach all genres. The song is entitled “That Girl” and the song and video will beTyme Johnson That Girl Pix Front (1218 x 1624) released this summer. This project is one of her best yet! Everything Tyme does has to do with real life so you know you are in for a treat when drops. Until then enjoy her many other songs as we start resurfacing them one at a time to the public to give them a chance to see the true Tyme Johnson.


Tyme Johnson's - THAT GIRL
Category : Pop
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About her CD:

As an aspiring superstar, Tyme decided it was time to write a book. She has always had the music aspect covered so what better topic for a book than her struggle to the road stardom. This project has become a trilogy as she released the first CD, A Matter of Time, after she moved to Manhattan NY. After a life changing tragedy in Manhattan, she spent three years writing about her struggle with life to get where she is today. The book is also entitled A Matter of Tyme” named after her CD project. The Book is a Musician’s Manhattan experience of Love, Tragedy, Determination, and Growth. Along with the book there is a sound track that consists of songs written to coincide with the book. For example, the hit single, “Want My Keys”, coincides with a chapter in the book where she literally goes to a boyfriend’s house and snatches her keys from him! As an independent artist, she likes the fact that she was able to develop this concept and bring the book to life.

Tyme Johnson - Want My Keys
Category : Hip Hop
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Tyme is constant, and ever changing, evolving our perceptions from one moment to the next. Tyme is infinite and ageless, whose growth is evident in the diversity of her style. Tyme takes risks and crosses boundaries others say should not be crossed. I was told that once I decided on what style singing I wanted, I couldn’t change it because it would confuse my audience. I disagree. To me its more about the feeling of the song. A good song is a good song. Tyme had shown her versatility from her first album, which was classified as “neo –soul” up to her new single and upcoming sophomore album. The single “Want My Keys”, deviates from the first album because it has a dirty down south beat, with a chanty, catchy hook. The only similarity this song has to the ones prior is that she still has her R&B vocals caressing the verses

About her Book:

In the blink of an eye, your life can change from having everything you’ve ever desired to have absolutely nothing at all. A Matter of Tyme is your backstage pass into the life of Tyme Johnson, singer, songwriter, and survivor. Candidly told, she shares her personal experiences that are both heart wrenching and heroic, having overcome homelessness, heartbreak, and rejection. Raped of her mind, body, and soul, she turns to self-reflections which allows her to rise above the ashes. When it seemed like the curtains were drawing closed, Tyme fought to remain in the spotlight. Get a glimpse into the life of a struggling artist, whose trials and tribulations will provide encouragement to those who fear taking risks, those who have given up on their dreams, and those who have just grown weak in their journey to accomplish their goals. A Matter of Tyme is a story of inspiration, courage, and determination. After reading the true accounts of this songstress, you’ll realize that with persistence and faith, everything you desire is within your grasp. If your will is strong enough, nothing is impossible. It’s only A Matter of Tyme!

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