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Hip Kitty
Hip Kitty
January 22, 2010
June 8, 2010
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Live Streetz Messiah


LiveYEAH Its “The Live One” baby!!!

I’m originally from the big apple, now making my stomping grounds in the dirty south. You know the name of the game, I’m in this to win or die trying. So hip-hoppers beware, the streets mesiah is taking the throne and my rule shall be a dynasty that will set the standard and bring hip hop out of this current state of recession.

I am the last of a dying breed, An extinct species!  A dude who’s really hood so my gangsta is credible.
I have the gift and the curse of being who I am. The Live One Baby a.k.a the cream of the bad crop (GremdellaGrem).Trust my word is bond when I say that you will come to know me as the next in line to change the games design.

My name is LiveWire the Streetz Mesiah a.k.a The Live One or just Live. This name is derived from my energy on stage and the reality of being a product of my environment. (Gremdellagrem) is the alter ego of Live. You know the nonchalant, gutterdweller with I don’t give a **** attitude.

Live Streetz Messiah
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I have performed in numerous talent showcases, community events and freestyle battles in VA, NC, DC, NY,and GA throughout my journey.  From radio to stage, from the streets to the studio, I’m still going for the gold.  Everytime I am allowed to showcase my talent and control that moment it’s special!  It’s a blessing to be able to do the things God has allowed me to do.

I started rapping at the age of nine. Ive been in and out of the rap game for more than fifteen years. I won’t stop cause this is my love, my dream, my desire and what the industry is missing. It’s lyricist of their time that has inspired me to love this genre of expression. Great Rappers like: Eric B. and Rakim, Nas, The Notorious B.I.G, Cannibus, Smooth the Hustler, EPMD, Twista, Scareface, NWA, Tupac, Jay Z, KRS 1, Slick Rick.

Its my time, its my mind and my mic. It’s time to get “LIVE”

You’ll see me very soon, coming to a hood near you.

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