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June 21, 2010
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July 2, 2010
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Jaha Zainabu


Jaha ZainabuJAHA ZAINABU is a literary poet, spoken word artist, storyteller, visual artist and motivational speaker from Long Beach, California. She has been featured in venues throughout the country such as: The Getty Museum, The World Stage, The Nuyorcian Cafe, and many others. She has also appeared on BET’s Lyric Cafe and Robert Townsend’s “Spoken,” She has two cds JOURNEY and UNMASKED. She is also the author of THE SCIENCE OF CHOCOLATE MILK MAKING (poems, stories, musings), THE CORNERS OF MY SHAPING (personal essays, stories, poems, musings), THE NIKEL (a novella), and WOMEN IN THE VILLAGE GO ‘ROUND AND ‘ROUND (short stories). She has been featured and performed in many venues throughout the United States. She is also a voice-over artist. JOURNEY is the one-woman show she produced which began in 1999. She is a funny, gifted, poet and wonderful entertainer. JOURNEY ran for two and a half years in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle and New York. WOMEN IN THE VILLAGE GO ‘ROUND AND ‘ROUND is her new one-woman show that first premiered in Los Angeles this summer. She is a collection of older women giving advice to and sharing stories with a college freshman. Jaha’s work is playful, beautiful and bold and so is she!

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