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Nema Williams
Nema Williams
January 22, 2010
Live Streetz Messiah
June 2, 2010
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Hip Kitty

Hip Kitty

Hip KittyJust who is Hip Kitty anyway? They are an explosive, four-piece rock band with a five-foot-eleven-inch blonde bombshell whose vocals are as commanding as her sexy looks. Combine her with the band’s tight rhythm and harmonies––and incredible songs––and you have an electrifying combination that excites and mesmerizes audiences everywhere. Who is Hip Kitty? They are all-American, sexy-ass rock! Hip Kitty was founded in 2002 and since then has made a name for themselves across the globe. Each member of Hip Kitty demonstrates a unique talent, look, and energy, and their chemistry as a band is undeniable.

Starting NOW fans everywhere can hear the new explosive tunes “I’m With Your Best Friend, Love Hangover, Over My Head, On This Side of Heaven and Agony & Ecstasy” from Hip Kitty’s new self titled EP. “This all-American sexy-ass rock band demands all ears tuned in and all volume controls turned up. 

No inhibitions were taken collaborating with world-class talent Producer Greg Archilla & New Theory Entertainment (Whose credits include Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Safetysuit, Framing Hanley, Buckcherry). Mastering was done by Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer, Andrew Mendelson (The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey, Motley Crue, Lady Antebellum).

“Hip Kitty is an exciting new rock band with great songs and an equally great live show. Their energy is infectious. They have worked hard at being in the top of their class. I feel they will be in the next group of up and coming bands out of the area. If you have a chance to see Hip Kitty, don’t miss out, they may be on their way up and out of here very soon!” – Producer Greg Archilla–

Hip Kitty’s approachability sets them apart from other rock bands, even with Jen’s “Jagger-ish” on-stage presence. She is simultaneously sexy and vulnerable, girl-next-door and wildcat. The band feeds off her energy and so do their audiences.  “It’s a pleasure to have Hip Kitty performing for Disney Entertainment. They’re a heavy-hitting, hard rock band with a stage presence and personality that makes them a favorite among our concert goers.”Dave Westerskov, Talent Buyer Disney Entertainment – Kissimmee, FL  (read more)

Hip Kitty Resume & Credits          Hip Kitty Press Release


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