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May 20, 2014
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October 14, 2014
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G.J.S. - Roll It Roll It - Music Video
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 also known as Gentry-Jones feaG.J.S. Logo - Goldturing Mr. Sam residing in Memphis TN has several projects out individually but when they came together they were able to create a sound like no other.  G.J.S. has a very unique sound yet not locked down to any certain genre. On their new CD there are songs with a crossover into the R&B, SOUTHERN SOUL, BLUES, DANCE, JAZZ and even POP.  In the first month of coming together they have created a number one line dance song entitled “Roll It Roll It” which was number one on the American Blues Network (ABN) charts for three and the Boogie Report Count Down for two straight weeks.
GJS - Performing Live at Tri State Music Festival
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 The following video is a promotional video to let the world know G.J.S. is coming to a market near them.

G.J.S. promo trailer
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  The ROLL IT ROLL IT cd is packed with hits and one of the second release songs “We Ride” for the steppers in mind is also smoking so here you will see a group of steppers making up their own dance. 
Soulful Sundays - G.J.S. -WE RIDE
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 Also check out check out at Soulful Sunday’s in Pensacola where they have learned the line dance and performing live on video cam 
G.J.S. - ROLL IT ROLL IT at Soulful Sundays PCola
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 Be sure to check back here on a regular bases to find out what’s new and surprises that you won’t hear about unless you get it from here.  In the mean time be looking for  G.J.S. in a venue near you and be sure to ask your radio station for Roll It Roll It to complete the as they begin routing for their 2014/15 cross country tour.

For immediate bookings call (757) 478-9634

Roll It Roll It Tour

G.J.S. Press Release Sep 2014

Official Website

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

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