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1. Can the be used for Advertisement?
But of course! The Network allows your business or company, to advertise your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 day a year. The Network is also excellent for business, family reunions, special function, church gatherings and non-profit events.
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2. Can the connect me to other business sites outside of my local community?

Yes, this system was designed to allows users to travel not only locally, but worldwide via a passageway called the CYBERLINK. Click your mouse once and off you will go to whichever link you choose.
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3. How can I sell my products over the Network and get reimbursed?

There are a few ways you can accomplish this task. In most cases you would have to open up a merchant account. Second is good old fashion mail order business, but this method will take the longer. Finally, call in orders, which requires your customer to give you their credit card over the telephone.
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4. How much does it cost me to advertise on

The initial listing is free, but after awhile you’re going to realize that you need more than just a listing. Most business today need either a web site/page, which provides them the capability to advertise with pictures, video or sound. The way you will get notices is by having your own (web site/page) so that customer can see what you have offering. The cost in very inexpensive compared to other means of advertisement. There is a one time initial fee to build your home page can run from $250-$500 and $500 – $10,000 for your own web site depending on how complex you want your site designed. There is a monthly hosting fee of $25 – $75 depending on the business site.
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5. What is the different between a web page and a web site?

That is a good question! A lot of people are asking for a web site when they really want a web page.

– A web site has multi pages, deals with registration of your site, hosting fees, the designing of a site and the maintenance of the site. If you should decided to accept credit cards, then you would have other expenses such as monthly gateway, access and bank fees. A web site could roughly cost you $250 – $10,000. This is course of action is mostly used by business who need several pages to promote their products. It can also be used by artist to showcase their many items they have to offer.

– A web page is a lot less costly because it uses someone else web site to host your web page. Normally a web page cost between $100 -$250 depending on the size and complexity of the page. This course of action is for the person starting out and want to advertise but not sure which direction to take their business. A web page can also be hosted on one site for several different products on several different web pages.

This is where the Network comes into play. Within five year we will link over 90 percent of all small business on one web sites.

6. How reliable is the Internet?

Very reliable, in fact it is the fastest growing promotional tool on the market today. The Internet has changed to way we do business in the world today.
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7. What is the big deal about the Internet?

The Internet is no longer coming, but rather it is here. It has been said that the Internet is the single greatest invention ever made since the invention of electricity. If your business does not have a web site/page then you are flat out loosing money. That’s right, online advertising has grown from $3.4 billion in 1999, to an expected record $33 billion in the year 2004. Internet sales are predicted to triple within the next two years. Its like having your business or organization open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year..

8. What are some advantages of advertising my business on the Internet?

Promotes events happening within your local community or even worldwide.
The ability for small businessmen and women to advertise their products at a third of the cost of standard advertisement.
The ability to sell and purchase products from the comfort of home or office.
Enables you to market a large product line with a small inventory.
Enables your customers to actually see your product.
Allows your to make changes within minutes vice days
Promotes higher learning through the knowledge of advance technology.
A direct link to other local business or even throughout the world.
Provided immediate access to other resources.
An information fountain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

9. Can I advertise on your network if I have an existing web site/page?

Yes, you can advertise with and maintain your currently site or page. We will take your logo and link it to your existing web page or site. This will allow you to be seen by thousands of viewers without having pay that large promotional and marketing fee that most agency will charge you without giving up your previous web page/site.