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September 18, 2014
January 22, 2015
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Blu Noise

Blu Noise Head ShotBlu Noise pronounced “Blew NOise’, is an Award Winning Electro/pop band, consisting of Lead Vocalist, Ziion, Drummer, Leland Shennett, and Bassist/Synth player Thomas Morales. The band formed in early 2011 and released their debut EP “War In A Place Called Home” January 30th, 2014. Blu Noise’s sound is a unique blend of electronic elements mixed with live instruments and powerful vocals that creates an unrivaled sound in music. With such great sound and wide range, Blu Noise has performed at wonderful venues such as The Roxy, The Rainbow Room, the Key Club, J.Burgos Fashion Week runway show. They have also opened up for Bonnie Mckee at the Avalon and attended a plethora of festivals to perform in front of varies audiences.

Blue Noise - SOIREE
Category : Electronic Dance
Hits : 11626
 Blu Noise together produce a unique sound that is both entertaining and fun. Their recently new single release Soriee and video received several thousands of hits upon it release. What makes them so special is the members musical background ranges from PUNK, R&B and POP, but when put together they create a new color in the visual spectrum seen as; Blu Noise.

Blu Noise - Take Ya Down
Category : Electronic Dance
Hits : 7810
Blu Noise Live
Category : Electronic Dance
Hits : 7825

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